Plantronics 92382-01 MS200 Aviation Headset

Goheadsets is renowned and an esteemed name in the industry of headphones , reselling various headset brands at an affordable rate with perks such as money back guarantee with-in 30 days if the customer is not satisfied , free of cost customer care service at any time of the day and free transportation of the headset.

An aviation headset is a device that shields a pilot from long tern hearing problems and helps them to stay connected to their team as well as the air traffic control system.

The model of MS200 92382-01 has 2 cords of 5 feet where one is PJ055 while the other is PJ068. The headset is compatible with almost every phone. Other models of it might need an adapter or a cable connector to work with several other phone models. It has the following specifications :

  • Brand/ Manufacturer- Plantronics
  • Headset style- Over the year
  • Weight – 0.32 oz (headset only)
  • Length of cable- 1.8 m
  • Connectors- Microphone: PJ068 or equivalent, molded
  • Receiver: PJ055 or equivalent, molded
  • Type of receiver- Dynamic
  • Receiver impedance- 600 ohms
  • Receiver sensitivity- 90 dBSPL along with 1mW input at 1 KHz
  • Frequency response of the receiver- 100-4000 Hz
  • Microphone- Noise canceling with an amplifier
  • Sensitivity of Microphone- dBV -28 * 150 ohms along with an input of dBSPL of
  • 94 at 1kHz
  • Response of microphone frequency- 300-5000 Hz
  • Voltage of supply- 8 to 16 V dc
  • Part number- 92382-01

The Platronics MS200 commercial aviation headset combines an advanced technology and a unique lightweight design to make it comfortable for the user and reliable too . The oise cancelling microphone enables a clear , uninterrupted communication between those in the air and on the ground. Its compact under the ear design ensures a comfortable and secure for extended wear yet it is convenient to carry and stow.Because of its superior audio quality ; the conversation appears to be crystal clear ; you get to hear every word very clearly . This headset is comfortable enough to wear it all day long ; it doesn’t create inconvenience during long flights ; you can wear it during long hauls or short hops. It is a customized fit as per the users needs ; you can choose from a variety of wearing styles. It is manufactured by a company which has an over 40 years experience which makes them a reliable and a durable commercial aviation headset . It is portable and easily stowed due to its lightweight and compact design. It meets all the rigorous standards required for mission critical applications . Lastly , it is an FAA approved headset ; its quality can be trusted.


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