Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Bluetooth Headset

UC stands for Unified Communication which is incorporated in the headsets introduced in the market of trendy and best quality headsets by the one and only reliable source for dealing in the headset stuff; the Plantronics. Recently, Plantronics has introduced four headsets which are being using the UC technique for working effectively. People can with the use of Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Bluetooth Headset communicate with others in an effective way with exceptional quality of audio sound on both the ends of the call which will overall increase the users’ interest and involvement in the calling session. Employees in a company or office can collaborate easily irrespective of the noise in the surrounding workplace or even location of the call. With the use of the modern technological trends people can now handle the noise in the surrounding environment by adjusting the settings and can be able to hear clearly and also they will hear the other person clearly.


Connectivity & Styling of Headsets

Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Bluetooth Headset provides a new stylish way of using the headsets which are compatible with the mobile users and they can connect it with a variety of Bluetooth devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other latest gadgets. A small Bluetooth USB is connected with the laptop in order to make the headsets work with the laptop which is not involving a built-in Bluetooth device. The design of the headset is very decent and sophisticated so that no one will feel like some aircraft pilot in an office but this will add style in the personality of the user. The headset fits into the ear of the wearer quickly and will make him comfortable as it is lightweight and therefore can be carried whole day long. The charging case for the headset comes along with it for making the customer feel satisfied about the choice they had made.


Noise Cancellation Feature

The noises in the environment of the workplace or even of the road can cause disturbance during the calling session which is catered in the recent release of Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Bluetooth Headset for the support of the customers. These headsets are capable of cancelling the background noise and make the communication hassle free and interesting. The headset is equipped with the feature of automatic call answering when the headset is placed in the ear which can help in attending call when the user is away from the desk.

Switching Device Connections

UC basically comes to rescue in situations where there are multiple devices in the place and a person is switching in those devices one after the other like the mobile phone, office PC and laptops. Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Bluetooth Headset can therefore easily switch to other devices without the hassle of separate connections every time to connect to some different device. The headset device has the best quality audio which is clear and makes the listener feel like the other person is standing next to him/her.


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